Dentures or Dental Implants? The Facts

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Are you missing out on a perfect smile because you’re missing actual teeth? Many people have found themselves in your shoes and, sadly, never taken steps to address it. Don’t let some missing teeth keep you from smiling with confidence. Instead, you should consider how mental dental surgery can repair your smile once and for all. Two very popular options are dentures and dental implants. We asked Dr Stephen Jacobs of Dental FX for his thoughts.

The Popularity of Dentures

We’ll get into dental implants in a minute, but to keep things simple, there is no way dentures can compare to them. These cosmetic applications are only popular for about two real reasons.

First of all, they’re affordable. You can get dentures made for a relatively small amount. While they’ll demand some upkeep, it generally isn’t going to cost you a fortune. Millions of people all over the world have dentures because of how affordable they are.

Also, dentures have been around, in one form of another, for centuries. This makes people extremely comfortable with them and tends to grant them a bit of carryover success.

It’s important to bring these two topics up as it may otherwise seem like dental implants and dentures are somehow equivalent options. The truth, though, is that the former is far better.


Dentures and dental implants are largely about feeling confident in one’s smile. In this category, dental implants are the clear winner. Dentures suffer from a number of issues that can hurt confidence. The main one, though, is how easily they can move and shit around, meaning you could basically lose them mid-conversation. Food and other debris can also get under them making dentures uncomfortable and embarrassing.

None of these things occur with dental implants. There is simply no space or crevice for anything to sneak in and cause problems. Smile away!

On top of that, dental implants fill in the missing teeth right where the originals were. Amongst other things, this means you can confidently speak just as you used to, without worrying about slurs, lisps, discomfort or other issues.

Oral Health

It’s also easy to argue that dental implants are better for oral health too. First, they’re made from stronger materials, ensuring that bacteria and other malicious issues don’t begin growing on them. With dentures, you need to bathe them in chemicals every night or you could suffer from a number of different oral diseases.

Next, oral health is better off with dental implants because these applications do a better job of fitting in where they need to. Dentures often lack this custom touch and can end up roughing up your gums, often causing other problems you’ll need to address.

Overall, you simply can’t compare dentures to dental implants. Though the former has long been the best solution for fixing smiles plagued by missing teeth, it’s time to realize that they are no longer a relevant solution. If you’ve been in the market for a better smile, dental implants are definitely going to be the way to go. Speak with a specialist today to learn more about why this is.