Dentures or Dental Implants? The Facts

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Are you missing out on a perfect smile because you’re missing actual teeth? Many people have found themselves in your shoes and, sadly, never taken steps to address it. Don’t let some missing teeth keep you from smiling with confidence. Instead, you should consider how mental dental surgery can repair your smile once and for all. Two very popular options are dentures and dental implants. We asked Dr Stephen Jacobs of Dental FX for his thoughts.

The Popularity of Dentures

We’ll get into dental implants in a minute, but to keep things simple, there is no way dentures can compare to them. These cosmetic applications are only popular for about two real reasons.

First of all, they’re affordable. You can get dentures made for a relatively small amount. While they’ll demand some upkeep, it generally isn’t going to cost you a fortune. Millions of people all over the world have dentures because of how affordable they are.

Also, dentures have been around, in one form of another, for centuries. This makes people extremely comfortable with them and tends to grant them a bit of carryover success.

It’s important to bring these two topics up as it may otherwise seem like dental implants and dentures are somehow equivalent options. The truth, though, is that the former is far better.


Dentures and dental implants are largely about feeling confident in one’s smile. In this category, dental implants are the clear winner. Dentures suffer from a number of issues that can hurt confidence. The main one, though, is how easily they can move and shit around, meaning you could basically lose them mid-conversation. Food and other debris can also get under them making dentures uncomfortable and embarrassing.

None of these things occur with dental implants. There is simply no space or crevice for anything to sneak in and cause problems. Smile away!

On top of that, dental implants fill in the missing teeth right where the originals were. Amongst other things, this means you can confidently speak just as you used to, without worrying about slurs, lisps, discomfort or other issues.

Oral Health

It’s also easy to argue that dental implants are better for oral health too. First, they’re made from stronger materials, ensuring that bacteria and other malicious issues don’t begin growing on them. With dentures, you need to bathe them in chemicals every night or you could suffer from a number of different oral diseases.

Next, oral health is better off with dental implants because these applications do a better job of fitting in where they need to. Dentures often lack this custom touch and can end up roughing up your gums, often causing other problems you’ll need to address.

Overall, you simply can’t compare dentures to dental implants. Though the former has long been the best solution for fixing smiles plagued by missing teeth, it’s time to realize that they are no longer a relevant solution. If you’ve been in the market for a better smile, dental implants are definitely going to be the way to go. Speak with a specialist today to learn more about why this is.

How Cosmetic Dentistry is Changing Peoples Lives

Popular trends and treatments in the cosmetic dentistry world

The world of cosmetic dentistry has enjoyed some major leaps forward in just the last five or 10 years, with a number of (relatively) brand-new procedures absolutely transforming the way that people upgrade their smile.

Thanks to some pretty big breakthroughs in modern technology, medicine, and research (not to mention the skill level of cosmetic dentists the world over), just about everyone and anyone has the opportunity to immediately upgrade their smile with next to no risk whatsoever – all by taking advantage of these incredible new techniques, trends, and treatments.

Now, obviously, you are always going to want to make sure that you are making the right decision when it comes time to have a bit of cosmetic dentistry performed.

There are going to be a lot of questions that you need to ask, a bunch of critical factors that you need to evaluate, and they handful or more cosmetic dental surgery professionals that you’ll need to interview before you pull the trigger on this type of process or procedure – but it all starts by picking and choosing the kinds of procedures or treatments that you’d like to have performed in the first place.

Hopefully you’ll be able to lean on all of the information in this quick guide to better inform your decision-making process, and to really understand all of the options and alternatives that you have available to you when you decide to get cosmetic dentistry performed.

Do you really need to take advantage of cosmetic dentistry procedures?

The very first thing that you are going to want to understand and embrace is whether or not you really need to take advantage of professional cosmetic dentistry, or whether you can get the kinds of results that you are looking for at home.

Believe it or not, there are a number of consumer grade options out there to immediately improve your smile in ways that you wouldn’t have believed possible before – including a full lineup of incredible teeth whitening solutions (from many of the most recognizable brands in oral health) that rival any of the services that you’d get at a cosmetic dental office.

You’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to at least investigate these “at home procedures” before you decide to go all in on receiving cosmetic dentistry. This is especially true if you are looking to aim for mentally improve your smile over time, rather than overhaul the entirety of your smile and your dental health in one fell swoop.

The odds are pretty good that if you only want to whiten or brighten your teeth you can get away with using any of the consumer grade solutions out there on the open market today and get results that are pretty close to (if not identical) to the ones that you would get from a cosmetic dentist.

Obviously, if you are looking for more in depth or more structural work to be performed, you’re going to want to turn over that task to an elite level professional you can trust.

What are the hottest cosmetic dentistry trends out there right now?

There are two real red-hot trends in the world of cosmetic dentistry today that are exploding in popularity:

Next generation teeth whitening and

Micro dental implants

The newest forms of teeth whitening solutions have been designed and developed from the ground up to work a lot faster (and a lot more efficiently) than anything that has been released in the last 20 years – all while creating a much more natural brilliance that will not be mistaken with cosmetic surgery.

If you’ve ever wanted to overhaul your smile just by whitening your teeth, but didn’t want to look like you have had any work done at the same time (leaving your teeth free of that artificial appearance too terribly many people are walking around with), these next generation solutions are right up your alley.

Secondly, micro dental implants are becoming incredibly popular compared to the older (and much larger) dental implants of yesterday. These amazing dental implants can be implanted in an afternoon and then covered with a brand-new false tooth that same day as opposed to the older procedure that required you to deal with a “flapper” for some time until your bone healed around the implant itself.

What kind of cosmetic dentistry treatments are popular today?

Combined with the two options above, there are a number of other cosmetic dentistry treatments that are absolutely exploding in popularity today. These include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

Inlays and overlays

Long-lasting cosmetic solutions that work to fill teeth that have been crippled by decay or other structural damage, giving you the same kind of structural impact that a filling would without the (incredibly obvious) artificial appearance. These can be shaped, molded, and bonded to your teeth for a perfectly natural finish inside of record time – and are also quite inexpensive and much less invasive.

Veneers and composite binding

Veneers have been a pretty popular cosmetic dentistry solution ever since they were first introduced oh so many years ago, but today’s veneers are a lot more advanced than those first and second generation solutions.

Today, veneers are made out of a number of composite materials (as well as porcelain, if that’s what you were looking for), and hold up a lot better than they ever did before. They bind to your teeth instantly thanks to some advanced new adhesives, and require a lot less maintenance than the older models did.

Composite binding is another advanced solution that has been used to repair broken, discolored, or chipped teeth. Using a number of composite materials, a cosmetic dentist will be able to “fill in” different surfaces of your teeth with this enable like substance – helping to heal and restore your teeth at the exact same time!

Final thoughts

There are a number of other procedures and cosmetic dentistry trends that you might be interested in taking advantage of, but you’ll have to speak to your general dentist or a cosmetic professional to figure out which ones make the most sense for you.

Hopefully the information above has answered most of your questions about this topic, and giving you more than enough to get started moving forward with your new smile!


Saving Money on Holiday Car Hire

Planning for vacation and need a reasonable way to move around with your family? Hiring a car provides you with a great opportunity to explore some nearby tourist attractions. But it can be an expensive way to move around too. Here are some surefire ways of saving money on car hire.
Save on Fuel Spending

Travellers often spend a lot of money on fuel; however, you can reduce your expenses by cutting back on fuel costs. Many car rental firms a range of fuel-efficient cars available, and you can take advantage of these fuel efficient cars to save on petrol costs.

Shop Around

When it comes to car hire, no rental company offers cheaper services than the others throughout the year. The rates are based on the trip details such as the times and dates the vehicle is required, the town where you will hire the vehicle and the kind of vehicle you pick. Visit several car hire comparison sites to compare reasonable prices for various situations.

If the rates look high for your preferred destination across the various car hire companies, you may want to check rates in neighbouring towns. If the rates are lower there, it is advisable to hire a car there and drive the short distance to your preferred destination to save some money on the car hire service. For example, it’s often cheaper to hire a car from Torremolinos itself than Malaga Airport (source), so try to use some lateral thinking when ordering.

Book Ahead of Time

Car rental prices are based on accessibility. The more vehicles a rental firm has, the lower the rate will be. Since cars are normally booked in advance, the rates on the available cars will increase. That’s why you can save money by making sure you have a car available, exclusively for you, instead of waiting until the last minute. In addition, reservation prices are normally lower than the current rates at the airport. If you plan ahead of time, you have a chance to check the rates on travel websites. There are many. Even if you don’t want to book your vehicle via such websites, you can use it for research purposes, as it can give you a rough idea of what you expect to pay for a particular car rental service.

Select the Right Car

Your car hire bill will most depend on the kind and size of the car you select. It Is advisable to avoid the cheapest vehicle available. If the cheap cars do not have your preferred features, it can be very expensive to upgrade. Instead, you should look for the best car that has all the features, but at a price you can afford.


Do You Need Online Video for Business?

The internet has revolutionized the way marketing plans and advertising dollars are being spent. Not only has the delivery platform changed from television, radio, and print, the pricing and flexibility have altered as well. The online video for business has become a necessary tool for any company competing in today’s marketplace. Online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016 according to a recent study by Cisco.

The video craze is only getting bigger

According to Borell Associates, online video production will account for more than one-third of all online advertising spending within the next five years. When considering an online video for business, keep in mind that 89 million people are going to watch 1.2 billion videos today!! Properly directing people to your online video for business can turn a captive audience into real customers quicker than previous modes of advertising, so it’s worth investing in a video production company to make sure it looks professional.

Additional high speed is expanding the video potential

As technology continues to improve, and wireless companies invest hundreds of millions of dollars on high speed delivery, potential customers are growing at an ever increasing pace. With 4G mobile networks, the market has opened to those without computers, laptops, and tablets. Online video now accounts for 50 percent of all mobile traffic and up to 69 percent of traffic on certain networks. People who knew nothing about computers find their phones providing them content they previously had no access to.

What if my business is service related?

An online video for business is just that. An online video is for any business, not just those that sell products. The service industry, job recruiters, travel agencies, aspiring musicians, writers all have places in video sales. Globally, online video traffic will be 55 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2016. This statistic alone should be a major alarm when considering any type of sales, promotional, or informational video for your business.

To this point, online video growth has been huge. Going forward, we will continue to see growing numbers as people share product videos throughout social media platforms. Sharing videos is the internet word of mouth that retailers and businesses clamor for. According to Invodo, a research firm, 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others. This staggering statistic alone provides ample justification for any online video for business regardless of product, service, or promotion. It has become a onetime non-reoccurring advertising expense that can potentially change your economic outlook in the years to come.


Red Flags of Tooth Bonding Care

After your tooth bonding procedure, there is a wide variety of steps that you will need to take in order to keep your teeth looking and feeling healthy and beautiful. Keep in mind that, after you have completed the average tooth bonding procedure, you will need to pay close attention to what you do, what you eat and what you expose your mouth to for many years to come. Here are a few “red flags” that you should avoid by any means necessary.

Stay Away from Alcoholic Beverages

Even though you might have enjoyed delicious and tasty alcoholic beverages in the past, that is going to have to be one of the first things that you eliminate from your diet after a tooth bonding procedure. This is because these beverages will cause premature deterioration to occur in your bonding. Therefore, whenever you are thinking about drinking a delicious beer, think about the permanent damage that doing so will cause to your bonding.

Be Careful When Biting Hard Foods

To say that you should stay away from hard foods altogether after your bonding procedure has been completed is unreasonable and unrealistic. However, you need to pay close attention to how you are eating these hard foods. For example, whenever you eat popcorn, peanuts or carrots, make sure that you bite these items off to the side. Keep this food as far away from your bonded teeth as possible. Doing so will make it very easy to permanently damage your bonding work.

Stay Away from Harsh Toothpastes

Another area that you are going to have to pay close attention to after your dental bonding is the type of toothpaste that you use. Any type of harsh toothpaste will quickly dull the shine and appearance of your bonding, which will only make it much easier to stain the teeth as a result. Focus on using toothpaste options that have delicate stain-removing properties.

Stain removal properties should now become a major focal point for you whenever you are shopping for toothpastes and other similar hygiene products. Stay away from using hard toothbrushes as well, because these toothbrushes can cause detrimental damage to your bonding as well.

Stop Biting Your Fingernails

Millions of people around the world bite their fingernails for one reason or another. Perhaps it is a habit that started in childhood and was never broken. On the other hand, it could be stress-related. Whatever the case might be, you need to stop biting your fingernails and toenails immediately unless you plan on causing permanent damage to your bonding.

If you’re ever in any doubt about what to do, consult your cosmetic dentist and they’ll be able to help.

David Cashel is a cosmetic dentist in Glasgow city centre. For more information on cosmetic dental procedures visit

Bike Messenger

How Technology is Revolutionizing Bicycle Couriers

The times, they are a changin.’ It was not so long ago that bicycle messengers in NYC were threatened with extinction by the invention of the fax machine. Then it was email. Both technologies altered the landscape of the courier business – where previously the bulk of deliveries were papers – think contracts, professional correspondence, and proof copies – now the average courier payload is small packages, mostly from the publishing and fashion industries.

Recent years have brought several new players – Uber, Zipments, and Lyft are just the major players that make the news. In major metropolitan areas across the US, there are hundreds of companies and apps all vying for the holy grail of delivery: instant.

Most of these new players depend on smartphone apps and traditional methods like haulage trucks foot, bike, or cars for the actual delivery. Environmentally minded consumers can now specify delivery methods like foot and bicycle over cars.

Traditional couriers used to depend on human dispatchers and a call center to support them. Today, a growing number of independent one-man-couriers is rising to prominence. Zipments, for instance, allows businesses to contact independent couriers who are nearby and request same day delivery. 

These apps and services continue to innovate in a never ending quest for market dominance. Recent upgrades include the ability to post reviews on individual couriers and to request a specific courier for a particular delivery.

Perhaps the most revolutionary way these apps are changing the delivery landscape, however, is the ability for local retailers to arrange same day delivery. This often levels the playing field when competing with online retailing behemoth

There is a troubling aspect to this revolution, however. Couriers in New York City have recently voiced concerns over these new apps. The fear is that the intense competition will lead to a downward spiral in pricing; a race to the bottom that will result in decreased income for couriers.

Of course, these independent couriers are free to turn down shipments that pay too little. But what happens when all shipments pay too little?

The app providers see it differently. They point to the advantages of being able to pick a specific messenger for a specific delivery, and the ability to post reviews of specific messengers, as game changers that will increase the incomes of couriers. After all, most anyone can ride a bike, but it takes a particular skill set to quickly navigate the busy and often dangerous streets in major metropolitan areas.


Enhancing Your Home on a Budget

Even though you do not need to have a degree or formal education in the interior design industry in order to enhance your home décor, here are a few great tips that you can consider in order to make it look like you hired a professional to redecorate your entire home.

Use Soft Colors to Enhance Your Room

If you want to make your small room appear much larger than it actually is in real life, one of the best approaches that you can take is to paint the walls with light and soft colors. This is because the light and soft colors on the wall will allow the natural light to reflect and spread throughout the room much more efficiently than you think, especially if you have numerous windows strategically placed throughout your home. The last thing that you want to do is use a darker shade of color because that will only make you feel a little boxed in and somewhat trapped.

Purchase Decorative Mirrors

Do not forget to purchase decorative mirrors for your home as well, especially if you are interested in making a small space appear much larger than it is in real life. Like with soft colors, mirrors reflect natural lighting in order to add a considerable amount of direct light and dimension to the entire space. Even though this can be accomplished with a basic mirror, purchasing a decorative mirror will also add an element of aesthetic appeal that otherwise would not be present.

Use Wicker Baskets as Efficient Storage

The last thing that you want is to have an excessive amount of clutter taking up your available floor space because this type of accumulation can prove to be detrimental to your overall décor. It really does not matter how much space your room appears to have with soft paint colors and decorative mirrors. An excessive amount of clutter on the floor (especially in the corners of your room) will make the limits of your space apparently clear.

Therefore, you need to find an effective way to store the necessities and essentials throughout your room. One decorative approach to take in this regard would be to use wicker baskets as storage units. You can place these baskets on kitchen countertops, tables or even in corners for efficient storage and display purposes. Wicker baskets will also make it much easier for you to keep your living space organized.